Do’s and Donts to Internet Marketing in Kenya

Every business needs an effective internet marketing strategy in order to grow. We’ll get you off to a good start by discussing tips for internet marketing in Kenya. We’ll look at on-page factors, off-page elements as well as content and HTML basics that should be done in order to grow your business. Here are the top dos and don’ts when it comes to online marketing in Kenya.

internet marketing in Kenya

What to avoid in internet marketing in Kenya

We’ll also take a look at some of the big mistakes people are making when it comes to internet marketing in Kenya. Before you develop you online campaign, consider the following factors.

Use inaccurate competitive information

A competitor analysis must be performed prior to starting an internet marketing campaign in Kenya. There are a variety of tools such as Google Adwords which you can use to gain this competitive information. Make sure you understand each data that is presented to you before using it to develop your campaign. You may end up making flawed conclusions because of using data that is not accurate.

Designing a site that is not mobile friendly

You need to invest in a website design that can be viewed on mobile platforms. Remember that an online marketing campaign will only be successful if you target a high volume of online users. With the number of mobile users growing every year, it’s very important for your business to tap into that market. Aim at making a site that is responsive. Responsive website design shouldn’t cost you a lot of money since many designers in Kenya are now choosing themes that will adjust based on the platform you are using to access the site.

Designing a site that is not searchable

A search engine friendly website is a very important component of digital marketing in Kenya. So how do you determine if your website is searchable? For a start, a site that is searchable will have relevant content. Secondly, a site that is search engine friendly will have tags properly placed and using the right keywords. There are other elements such as readability and site loading speed that affect its search friendliness. You have to consider all these because they play a very important role in internet marketing campaigns.

Choose long and hard-to-recognize domain names

Your domain name should be short and memorable. You also should consider inserting a keyword rich domain name because it may help to boost your search visibility. Effective domain names will not only help your business to gain an online visibility but will also retain clients because they become more familiar with your company. If the client cannot memorize your name because it’s too complicated, expect it to be difficult to promote the company name online.

Use a complicated website design

Your website design should be simple and straightforward. That is essential in internet marketing in Kenya. Having a site that is very distracting will not engage users or drive traffic to your business. Avoid the graphics that make it too slow to load. When web pages load very slowly, the search visibility is also affected. This is because search engines consider site loading speed as one of the main factors when determining the ranking of web pages. You need to populate the site with meaningful content and links and make sure you update it on a regular basis.

Violating the terms of service of Google and other search engines

When investing in an online advertising campaign, it’s important to investigate and find out if the strategies in use are within the terms of service of popular search engine. Black hart techniques should always be avoided because even though they may have significant improvement in rankings, they tend to do more harm than good in the very end. It’s never worth- the penalties imposed by search engines can have your site banned for ever and all the hard work you’ll have placed will be for nothing.

Make users register to get information

One of the internet marketing mistakes many web designers make is forcing users to register in order to get information on their web pages. Most web visitors will be completely put off by such a thing. If you force them to register, chances are that they will close the page and move on to the next site that is ready to offer them what they need without any conditions. With the above in mind, you will succeed in internet marketing in Kenya.

Internet marketing in Kenya- Tips to boost your site rankings

internet marketing Kenya

Internet marketing in Kenya is not new. If you’ve decided to promote your business on the web, aim to start doing the right thing from the initial stages. Focus on digital marketing tactics that will grow your brand in the long term. Below are a few to help you get started.

Perform keyword research at the start

Keyword research is important because it guides you on the kind of content you’ll need to optimize your web pages. A tool such as Google Adwords can help you to get a list of keyword ideas that you can use to come up with an effective campaign. Make sure you select the right target audience and target keywords that are relevant and competitive.

Use social media marketing to grow your business

Social media marketing is a huge part of online branding. Using social platforms like Facebook and Twitter to grow your business can really have an impact on your company’s growth. If you are investing in internet marketing in Kenya, consider hiring a social media expert who will offer the information you need to grow your business on platforms like Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Engage with clients online

Your customers are looking forward to interacting with your brand online. There are a number of ways to do this. You can start by opening a business page on a popular social platform like Facebook and using it to resolve issues that your client often experiences. You can also create a blog on your website to boost your online marketing campaign.

Create relevant content

Relevant content that is well written, properly optimized and presented can do wonders for your business. Bear in mind that people are looking for information online. If you can help them find it, you will be on your way to creating a platform that receives millions of hits on a daily basis.


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